Individualizing Your Home to Reflect YOUR Personality
  Individualizing Your Home to ReflectYOUR Personality


Initial Client Consultation

During our consultation, we will discuss an overview of decorating goals that you envision in your home.  As we walk through your home together, Visually Yours by Liz will offer you suggestions for changes in your home that will aesthetically change the look and feel of your rooms.


Our detailed goals will be presented to you in writing, to ensure that you are confident and happy with our decorating approach together.  

Color Consultation 

After determining your style and color preferences, we will select a color palette that complements your decor. Selecting a color palette is essential, as it will determine the warmth and character of your living spaces. We want to select colors that flow naturally from one room into the other. I will provide you with larger paint swatches of the colors we choose during our consultation, these swatches will give you a better visualization of what the color will look like in the room.

Painting estimates are always free of charge by all contractors. It is a good practice to have at least two estimates before proceeding with your painting project.

Accessory & Furniture Shopping

Accessorizing is the key to pulling everything in your rooms together. Accessories not only refresh the look of your home, but they allow you to personalize your space. For a minimum shopping fee Visually Yours by Liz will do the shopping for you and personally select accessories that work beautifully with your decor.


If you are interested in refreshening the look of your home with new furniture, we can accomplish this together. We want you to be completely satisfied with the overall feel of the pieces you choose. For instance, having you personally sit in a showroom sofa or chair, helps you feel for the perfect depth and height that is comfortable to you. I can help you look for the right fit.


An important key to purchasing furniture is to not be influenced by the way in which the furniture looks in the showroom; you may not need all the pieces in the grouping. Clients often purchase more furniture than needed for the size of their rooms and they are not aware of it until delivery. Determining the layout of your rooms prior to shopping can help you to avoid unnecessary purchases. 


If you prefer that Visually Yours by Liz do the furniture shopping for you, I can make the initial selections and provide you with the showroom cut sheets. These will detail information about the cost and dimensions of the furniture piece and will give you a better perspective so that you can decide if it is something you like. Later we can visit the showroom when you are ready to purchase, to finalize your selection and place your order.

Same Day Redesign

This is truly the ideal solution for transforming your living spaces quickly! By using furniture and accessories already in your home, we can reconfigure your space and achieve a visibly comfortable and inviting room.


Home Staging & Selling your Home 

Home staging enhances the beauty of your home. It provides the prospective buyer with a visual template of the furniture layout in the home. Buyers easily appeal to a staged home because it helps them to envision living in the property. 


Staging generally begins with a thorough evaluation and walk-through. 

Visually Yours by Liz will offer you suggestions for changes in your home that will increase the probability of a timely sale for the best market value, often beating the competition. As a team, our goal together is to sell your home!


During the staging process, most aesthetic changes can be completed. More involved changes - such as replacing a laundry tub or window screens - are referred to a qualified handyman. I can provide referrals if needed.  


A tip sheet is provided to you as well, it will detail things for you to remember as you are preparing your home for the market.  It makes your moving process easier, as you can refer back to it and check things off as you go.


Depersonalization is one of the most important aspects of staging. Although, it is not always easy to do, it certainly has its benefits. It is difficult for a prospective buyer to embrace and fall in love with a property if an excess of personal items from the previous owners are visible. This includes family portraits, figurines, etc. Less is best in most instances; we want to accentuate square footage and depersonalizing is what sells.  

Real Estate Staging for Vacant Properties

Properties that are vacant need personality too!  When considering to stage a vacant home, the main level is most important. Families do most of their entertaining in the living and family rooms, and buyers like to see these rooms staged. If applicable, you may have to pull some furniture out of storage, as it is more cost-effective than renting furniture. 


Another cost-effective way to stage a vacant home is to do a simple vignette. By adding accessories to the kitchen and bathrooms, we bring in a splash of color, this draws visual interest from the buyers as they walk through the property.  

Real Estate Staging for Occupied Listings

There are countless benefits from staging and showcasing your listings to sell quickly. Visually Yours can work with you and bring ambiance to a tired home so that it will appeal to the buyers. We can discuss ways in which you can stage your listings at no up-front cost to you. 






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